Parties and Group Events

Pottery Painting provides a fun and different activity for parties of all ages. Contact us to enquire about rates and packages for your birthday party or group event.

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Birthday Parties

Separate from the front of the studio, we have a party room fitted for larger groups and birthday parties. You can select from our wide range of ready to paint bisque or if you have a specific theme in mind, we are more than happy to help accommodate the best we can.

Events and Celebrations

We provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for your group, event, ladies day or night out, couples event or celebration. We can accomodate large groups of up to fifty and are happy to work with you to a fun and creative event.

School and Day Care Groups

We provide a comfortable site that can host groups of up to sixty children which makes a great place to have fun day trips. Great for fundraisers, in-class creative workshops, and seasonal field trips! Our ambition is to provide an inspirational workspace where creativity can thrive!

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